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A few days ago, I was at a residential building near Dawson Road. In fact, I have been here before but I was unable to access the Sky Terrace then as it wasn't open. What intrigued me most about this residential block was the use concrete.

I particularly liked the use of colouring admixtures on some of the columns, which turned it an earthy brown colour. Visually, it appears dull and does not scream for attention. Sitting quietly in the background, it subtly enhances the atmosphere of the space. The colored column also pairs well with the grey, off-form concrete textures.

Another interesting thing about this building was the introduction of Sky Terraces on different floors. On the facade, this breaks up the monotony of sight through the introduction of greenery. Furthermore, the sky terrace is a long horizontal strip that cuts across the building, which sub-divides the building into smaller chunks, making the building appear lighter.

Sky Terrace
Sky Terrace
Columns extend above the roof to form shelters for the sky terrace.

Layering of columns with vertical off-form concrete louvres to create interesting patterns.

Implementation of blue tinted glass between columns and louvres creates visual tension, highlighting the columns. The dark blue colour evokes a certain sense of calmness, which goes well with the program of the space.

View as you emerge from the lift

The composition of columns, louvres and glass manifests itself in a form of a rectangular mini-pavilion. It frames up certain views and provides generous amount of headroom for the users to experience the sky terrace comfortably

The place offered some of the best views. Everything just seems so small from up here.

View from the sky terrace
Overall, it was a fun and great experience. I thoroughly enjoyed sketching out some of the views while munching on a pancake from Mr Bean for a good half an hour.

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